What Are You The Face Of?

We applaud you for your courage and bravery to stand with others and say "I AM THE FACE."
Thank you for wanting to share your story.

You will find some great guides and picture overlays on our Be Inspired Page. If you would prefer not to use your identifying information, you can leave the name portions of this form blank and download the Not Ready To Unmask guide for your picture upload. We know that even the smallest step in sharing your story may be a huge leap for you, so please share as much or as little as you would like to help you along in your journey. We look forward to hearing from you.

Is what you're the face of not on the list? Please select "Other" and a box will appear for you to add what you are the face of.
You can also post as a Supporter, showing a desire for Change Change
For those who want to stand up and help make a positive change in the world (or in people's perceptions) for a specific life altering challenge.
, Compassion Compassion
For those who want to reach out to people struggling with a difficult life altering challenge, to let them know that you care... and why being compassionate for that issue is important to you.
, or Support Support
For those who have given emotional, spiritual, financial and any other kind of support to those who are faced with life altering challenges. Tell others how you have personally made a difference in the life of another who has struggled to become a Survivor.
. Just scroll over each supporter type to see which best describes you.

It is recommended that you copy and paste your story from a word processor. If there is a problem with your form submission, you may lose any original work.

Please only submit photos with one individual in the photo. Also, the best photos for our site are landscape with no cropping.

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