Why I Created I am the Face

Our Story: An Introduction from Our Founder

Welcome to the I Am the Face website! Thank you for taking a moment to read about how I Am the Face was inspired by one of the most painful and tumultuous experiences of my life, and how it's creation led to healing on a level I never could have previously imagined!

Several years ago, after struggling through a lifetime of damage caused by being a Victim of Childhood Sexual Abuse, I made the decision (with the support of my spouse and family) that healing and resolution could only come by facing my demons and finally taking action against the two men who molested me between the ages of 11 and 16 (and the institution that allowed it to happen). While you can read a more in depth account of my own personal journey on [ADD PAGE REFERENCE], suffice it to say that venturing into a very broken legal system where Victims are treated like criminals and Sexual Predators are able to use legal maneuvering to avoid responsibility for their crimes, I found myself desperate to find support from other CSA Victims, and to hear the personal stories of Victims/Survivors who had also taken similar steps in confronting and facing their abusers. I had so many unanswered questions, worries, confusions, hopes for the case, etc. that could have been resolved by hearing the stories of those who have lived through something similar. What I found in my internet searches, was some wonderful organizations, like No More and others, that provided amazing resources specific to surviving and ending childhood sexual abuse, but what I had trouble finding were the personal stories, told by those who lived it, of what others had experienced when taking legal action against their abusers.

As I was taking action against the predators who had sexually abused me as a child, several people close to me were also facing their own life altering events. One dear friend was battling Stage 4 Breast Cancer while pregnant with twins. My sister discovered that her son had Juvenile Diabetes. Another dear friend was dealing with the heartbreaking results of inoperable fertility issues. Another friend had gone through a heart transplant. While yet another discovered that the twins she was about to give birth to, would be born with Down Syndrome. Our issues were completely different, but we had something in common: hearing the story of someone who lived through what we were facing often made it possible to get through the day. We all found issue specific resources online that were invaluable as we faced our challenges. But providing an open forum for sharing personal stories is beyond the scope of what most charitable/advocacy resource sites have been set up to provide.