Our Mission & Vision


We invite you to discover the world of I Am the Face, and the work that we are doing to end isolation, foster inclusion and understanding, and provide a link between the people who have stories to tell, and the people who most need to hear them. Here, online, we have created a forum where people can tell their stories in writing or through video/audio and where people can search for the stories about issues that they most relate to.

IATF National Volunteer Network

We are also building a nationwide network of I Am the Face volunteers that are willing to make personal appearances to give “IATF Talks”, where they’ll discuss their own personal journeys of living through life altering events. Whether it’s a school who seeks someone to speak firsthand about living with Juvenile Diabetes (because it’s affecting one of their own), or a business/organization that seeks insight about the challenges a co-worker/associate might face when battling an illness while maintaining a job, we hope to build a large network of volunteers around the world who are willing to give their own “Ted Talk” type presentations. We also hope to create a cost-free lending library of “IATF Talks” for organizations that do not have someone locally available to speak about an issue relevant to them.

IATF Liaison Network

We are also building a Liaison Network that will allow local, state and national lawmakers who are seeking individuals to speak in Congress or the House about a specific life altering issue that is being voted on. The IATF Liaison Network will also maintain a non-public database of celebrities who are willing to be open about their own experiences with specific issues, so that lawmakers can be paired with willing speakers when needed. Lawmakers will not be given names or contact information, but instead IATF will pass on the appearance requests from lawmakers to those in the network (or their representatives) who have been personally affected by the relevant issue, and then each can personally decide if the appearance request is of interest to them. Click here to learn more about this program.


Our Programs pages (Current / Future) will link you to the various Social Outreach programs that we are currently developing, as well as provide a glimpse into the future programs we look forward to developing as we continue to grow. We are always looking for dedicated and passionate people to help us achieve the dreams of the Foundation; if you would like to volunteer in any capacity, please reach out to us here. We look forward to getting to know you!