There are Many Ways to Join the IATF Movement!

We encourage you to discover the many aspects of I Am the Face, by following the links on the menu bar above. We welcome individuals to share their own stories, whether on camera, in writing, or in an audio recording. How your share your story is completely up to you and your comfort level. Just speak from the heart. You can always update your story later, if you find there is more to say.

We also encourage Charitable and Outreach organizations to partner with us, so that those who come here looking for stories that they relate to, can also easily find your organization and connect with you for the support they need for their particular issue. Because IATF is about ALL life altering situations, we celebrate the important work being done by organizations with specific missions relating a particular issue, and look forward to introducing your work to our visitors. Many Charitable and Outreach organizations have already commuicated with us that we do something they are not set up to do, and we are excited about the prosepct of affiliations with a wide array of issue-specific organizations. We are not a political organization or movement, but simply a universal human experience one.

So, if you're an organization discovering us for the first time, we seek to help support the wonderful work that YOU do, by providing a common place where all people can come to find the stories they most need to hear, so that these stories can be told and heard, and your organizations can focus on the mission you have set out to accomplish.

How Can I Help the IATF Movement?

While we have (like all not-for-profit organizations) opportunities for financial contributions, the MOST important thing you can do for the I Am the Face Movement, is to encourage others to come here to share their stories, and to find the stories they most need to hear. The more people who share their own experiences on our site about facing life altering situations, the more I Am the Face will be known as the place to go to help end isolation, foster inclusion and build a deeper understanding for our fellow man. Think of this as a worldwide support group, where, no matter what issue you are facing, you are safe and welcomed here to share the things you wish you had heard others talking about as you faced your particular challenges.

Is My Issue Represented?

If it's not yet represented here, we WANT it to be, and we welcome your suggestions and participation to bring the life altering issues you've faced to our visitors. We know that if it's happened to one of you, it's happened to many of you, and while it's always a little scary to be the first one to speak, it's also vital that someone take that first step, so that others can feel safe and encouraged to tell their own story. We do focus on life altering situations, though. That's not to say that there aren't important things to be learned from hearing the stories about non-life altering experiences, but we do want to keep IATF focused on the types of things that affect and change the life path of a person.

Financial Support

Like all Not-for-Profits, we rely on contributions, fundraisers and grants to continue our mission. To learn more about helping us to grow, please visit our Get Involved/Donate pages.

Welcome to the Movement!