Future Projects

Local IATF Volunteers

So often, a school or an orgnization discovers that one of their own is now facing a life altering situation. IATF is building a network of Volunteers who are willing to make personal appearances to share their own stories of facing similar situations. We look forward to hearing from you if you would like to become one of our Local Volunteers.

IATF Talks

Similar to "Ted Talks", we are building a network of volunteers who are willing to create and give their own IATF Talk, to share their own stories of facing and living with life altering situations.

IATF Talks Lending Library

Not every area will have an IATF Volunteer who is able to personally visit a school or organization that is requesting a talk by someone who has personally experienced something one of their own is facing. Therefore, we are working towards building an IATF Talks Lending Library that will be available to organizations who are requesting an IATF Talk in an areas where we do not currently have an available Volunteer. The intention is to keep the lending library free of charge, and only accessible to organizations that have satisfied the requirements of showing a taped IATF Talk.

Internationally Speaking

We look forward to I Am the Face becoming an international organization! People all over the world will benefit from sharing and hearing the stories of life altering situations. Join the Movement!