Current Projects

Sharing Your Stories

Our most important function at I Am the Face is giving all of you the opportunity to share your own personal stories of facing life altering situations. For any of us who have faced something that forever alters our lives, hearing the stories of others who have come before us is a vital part of our journey's. Your story TRULY matters!

I Am the Face: The Show

Join I Am the Face Founder and Host, Henry Farnam, as he shares inspiring and heart touching stories. We call it a "talk show with heart and purpose".

I Am the Face: Kids/Teen Edition

Kids/Teens talking to other Kids/Teens about their life altering situations.

IATF Hero Awards

Join us for our first Annual I Am the Face Hero Awards, as we celebrate the extraordinary unsung and publicly lauded heroes who have dedicated their time and efforts to helping others facing life altering situations. Nominate and vote on the people who have inspired you the most!