Celebrity Liaison Network

Connecting Celebrities and Lawmakers to Help Change Laws

When our Founder, Henry Farnam, was meeting with national lawmakers about the issues of childhood sexual abuse statutes of limitations, he discovered that one the ongoing challenges lawmakers face is finding compelling voices of those affected by specific issues to come speak about those issues at key moments. Henry was surprised to discover that even with the ever-growing number of celebrities opening up about their own experiences with sexual abuse or sexual assault, that the lawmaker's staffs are often tasked with the difficulty of contacting people of influence who are willing and able to come speak in person about issues like sexual abuse/sexual assault. During his many meetings with lawmakers, he discovered that the same challenges existed for most other life altering situations, like life threatening illnesses, PTSD, Bullying, Domestic Abuse, Discrimination and other such issues. And so the IATF Celebrity Liaison Network was born!

Why Agents, Managers and Celebrities Love the IATF Liaison Network

As a member of the entertainment industry himself, Henry understands the challenges that celebrities and their representatives face when it comes to personal appearances, especially one that might be viewed as being political in nature. There are many times a celebrity wants, in their heart, to help make a difference with an issue that is close their heart. But there are also mitigating factors that celerities and their representatives must consider when it comes to involving themselves (or their clients) in a personal appearance. Scheduling, social media implications, publicity (negative and/or positive), contractual appearance stipulations, etc. The list goes on and on. So the IATF Celebrity Liaison Network (the "CLN") keeps a fully private, never shared or published list of name celebrities (and their representatives) who have been open about being affected by specific issues (or who have contacted us to join the CLN). When lawmakers submit an appearance request to the CLN, the details of that appearance request will be forwarded to the representatives of the celebrities that have an affiliation with that specific issue. To respect the privacy of the celebrities, IATF will never share the list of those contacted with the lawmakers or the public. Once the appearance request has been forwarded to the respective representatives, it is left completely up to them and their clients to make a decision on whether the appearance is something they want to be involved with. IATF completely steps out of the picture at that point, and leaves it up to the representatives of each celebrity to contact the lawmaker who made the request, and to make arrangements for the appearance. This allows for the appearance requests to get to the celebrities who might want to participate, but allows for the celebrity (or their representatives) to pass on the appearance without having to say no or give an explanation.

A Message from IATF to Celebrities:

We know many of you discover after the fact that a debate or a vote took place on an issue that is related to a life-altering situation that you have personally experienced, both nationally and locally. We applaud the efforts so many of you make to be vocal about these kinds of experiences, and to lend support to others who have faced similar situations. the IATF Celebrity Liaison Network (the "CLN") is another way that you can use your celebrity and your voice to effect change for the positive. Lawmakers have often told us that they'd love to have more celebrities coming to speak about various issues at key moments. But unless they have a personal connection to you, they (and their staffs) are often at a loss as to how to actually ask for your participation. We also know that you are not always at liberty to actually make an appearance or contribute a personal statement - even if it's an issue that is deeply personal to you, and that you are forever under a public microscope about what you do or don't do. Therefore, we are working to build the CLN into something that allows you be notified (through whatever contact source you prefer) about appearance requests from lawmakers, with as much detail as they provide to us about the issue and their stance on the issue, and what they feel is at stake regarding that issue; as well as key information about date, time and place, etc. The CLN will be run by a very small group of highly trusted IATF individuals, and our policy will be to always keep your name private, so that neither lawmakers, the public, or others will know that you've been contacted about the appearance request. Beyond passing along the request to you or your representatives, IATF's involvement will end at that point, and it will be completely up to you to decide whether to contact the requesting lawmaker or not. You have our pledge IATF will never use your name in connection with the CLN, unless you have given us express permission to do so. We welcome your public or private participation in helping the CLN and the IATF Movement to grow, and will work directly with you and your representatives to honor your personal wishes in that regard. IATF is not a political movement and as a not-for-profit, we are not politically affiliated. Our sole purpose is to bring the true stories of those who have experienced life altering situations to those who need to hear them the most, to foster inclusion, end isolation and further understanding. Please feel free to contact us directly at any point to discuss I Am the Face or the CLN. We look forward to working with you to make this world a better place!

A Message from IATF to Lawmakers:

We are not a politically affiliated organization, and as a not-for-profit, we do not engage in partisan political activities. But we are about people and the life altering situations that changes a person's life. And we know that you, regardless of party affiliation, work hard to support those who are affected by life altering situations that are near to your heart. Therefore, we have created the I Am the Face Celebrity Liaison Network (the "CLN") as a resource for you and your staff, when a celebrity appearance or personal statement would be helpful to legislation specific to a life altering situation, circumstance or event. Our pledge to the celebrities and their reprsentatives is that they will never be put on the spot to say yes or no to an appearance request. But many of them have been open about wanting to help effect change that relates to an issue that has personally touched their lives. Therefore, we will act as a liaison between your offices and them, to pass along pertinent information relating to your appearance request. We have a form online that your staff can fill out with the requested details, and our pledge to you is that we will get your requests to as many name celebrities as we can who have personal connections to the issue at hand. We ask that you understand that we cannot share with you the names of the celebrities that were given the appearance requests, to protect their privacy. But the hope is that as our network grows, you will have a number of celebrities contacting you about your appearance requests. I Am the Face does not have the financial ability to make any arrangements for travel or appearances. Such details should be worked out directly between your offices and the celebrity offering to make an appearance. Celebrities that are forwarded the appearance requests are informed that the request is specific to legislation about a specific issue, and is therefore not an offer for a paid appearance. We look forward to working with you directly as we build the CLN and encourage you and your staff to establish contact with us, and help us to build the CLN into something that is truly helpful to you and your staff as you represent those who have experienced (or will experience) life altering situations.

A Message from IATF to Celebrity Representatives:

No doubt you have read the previous messages above, and have a very good idea of what we do and what we don't do. We know you are inundated with appearance requests for your clients. And you have our pledge that we, in no way, intend to overstep in passing along appearance requests. Therefore, the lawmakers will be informed that all appearance requests coming through the Celebrity Liaison Network (the "CLN") must be for appearances that relate specifically to legislation or gathering support to effect change for a life altering situation that your client has personally been affected by. The request form that must be filled out by all requesting lawmakers will contain as much information as they can give us to help you and your clients makes an informed decision about participating. We welcome input from you about the kind of information you would like to have included on that request form, and consider it a "work in progress" that will continue to grow with your feedback. Our pledge to you is that all decisions about appearances and details about those appearances are specifically between you and your clients. I Am the Face and the CLN will not be involved beyond privately forwarding you the appearance request. Further, you are in no way obligated to inform us about your client's decision about the request. You are welcome to ask for further information from the lawmakers who are requesting through the CLN, and we will do whatever we can to get you the information you are requesting. But we are not a booking agency or a public relations company, and therefore beyond passing along pertinnent information, we leave all of the appearance details up to you and your clients. We, of course, welcome you and your clients to speak publicly about the CLN and appearance requests, as it only helps us to build the network and gain the trust and respect of others in the industry. But from our side, the privacy of your office and your clients will always be protected and respected. Also, please note that we are not a politically affiliated organization, and as a not-for-profit, we do not engage in partisan political activities, and your client's involvement with the CLN will not constitute an affiliation with the lawmakers or political parties of those making the apperance requests. We look forward to working with you directly as we build the CLN and encourage you and your staff to establish contact with us, and help us to build the CLN into something that is truly helpful to you and your clients as we work together to support those who have experienced (or will experience) life altering situations. If you would like to receive an introductory package that you can present to your clients that more fully explains the CLN, don't hestite to contact us.