From Our Founder

"I dreamed of creating a place where people could share their personal stories of living through life altering events. A place to share not only the defining moments, but also the day to day struggles and challenges, of the ups and downs through the setbacks and the victories. A place for ALL of us, no matter what we’ve faced in life, to tell our stories and hear those of others who have walked in our shoes. A place where people can develop a deeper understanding for others who are facing a life altering event. A place where people come together to help end isolation and foster understanding.

A place where we all can say 'I Am the Face of _________, and here is my story'."

-Henry Farnam

Real Stories

of People Facing Life Altering Circumstances

Every person who has faced life altering circumstances has a story to tell. Hearing these stories creates inclusion, fosters compassion and understanding, and most importantly helps to end the isolation felt by so many who are on their own journeys as they face their own life altering situations.

The I Am the Face Foundation and our website is a place to tell and to find these very personal stories. Whether you (or a loved one) is dealing with issues related to Sexual Abuse, Illness, Childhood Abuse, Bullying, Domestic Abuse, PTSD, Suicide, Depression, Mental Illness, ADHD or the endless list of life altering situations that create a new reality for the people affected, we at I Am the Face feel that it's imperative that everyone have a place to tell their story, and a place to find the stories of others who have walked in your shoes. If you don't see a page dedicated to your specific life altering situation, let us know, so that we can create a page where you and others like you can share and find the stories.

I Am the Face is also a place that celebrates the Heroes of our world, by sharing their stories through our I Am the Face Youtube Show, the I Am the Face - Kids Edition Show, and through our Social Media and Blog entries. And because of the incredible and selfless work being done by these unsung Heroes, we have three very special "I Am the Face" categories that have their own pages: I Am the Face of Change, I Am the Face of Support and I Am the Face of Compassion. We encourage you to visit the Hero Link at the top of the page to learn more about (and share your own stories) of unglorified heroism.

I Am the Face is for Everyone. I Am the Face is for You!