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I Am the Face is for Everyone, no matter what life altering event has touched your life. The more we understand about each other, the more we can help to end isolation, promote understanding and foster inclusion. We welcome both individuals and charitable outreach organizations to join the IATF Movement!

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Find Your Story

Find hope, strength, comfort and inspiration in hearing the words of others who have walked in your shoes. Whether you or someone you know is facing a life altering situation, there are countless others who have lived through a similar situation in their own lives. Their stories, whether about landmark events or small day-to-day challenges, will not only help you to feel less isolated and alone, but will also help the people in your life to find a deeper understanding of what you’re facing. Click here to discover the stories you most need to hear…


Tell Your Story

Sharing your own story of facing a life altering situation will bring hope and understanding to countless others who may be facing a similar situation themselves or with someone in their life. It’s also one of the most healing things you can do for yourself. Whether you are feeling triumphant or defeated, inspirational or needing hope, no aspect of your story is too insignificant to share. Imagine what it would have meant to you, as you faced your own challenges, to hear the words of others who faced them before you. Click here to discover just how important your story is, and how much it needs to be told…


Support, Compassion, Change

I Am the Face is also a place to share the stories of Support, Compassion and Change. Find a deeper understanding, connection and comfort in hearing the words of those who have found themselves in a position of Support for someone facing a life altering situation. Be inspired by those who have discovered a compassion about an issue they previously never thought about or cared about, and learn what led to their newfound compassion. Be moved by the stories of the brave and dedicated people who find themselves compelled to help others by effecting change in the world. Click here to read and share your own stories of being the Faces of Support, Compassion and Change.

Discover What's New in the IATF Universe!

I Am the Face Heroes

Throughout the year, we will bring to you the inspiring stories of the I Am the Face Heroes, those who have taken their experiences with life altering situations and turned them into actions that have helped the greater good. Help us to celebrate these often unsung heroes here on the site and at our Annual IATF Hero Awards Celebration by sharing the stories of those who have inspired you, and you may just find someone you greatly admire being nominated for an IATF Heroes Award. Click here to discover more about our IATF Heroes.

I Am the Face: The Show and IATF Teen/Kids Edition

Join our Founder, Henry Farnam, as he brings to you stories of hope, understanding, inspiration and compassion on I Am the Face: The Show. Soon to Debut: I Am the Face: Teen and Kids Editions! Visit our Youtube channel.

IATF Films

Working in connection with our Founder's Tenacity Artistic Productions, we are excited to be developing a series of groundbreaking films that tell the true stories of facing life altering events in a very new and unique way. Click here to visit the IATF Films website.

IATF Volunteer Brigade

There are many ways to get involved with the I Am the Face Movement, beyond posting your own stories and reading the many wonderful and inspiring stories that are added each day. Click here to learn about how you can help us build the I Am the Face movement, and to bring I Am the Face to your own community.

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